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Mixing Politics with (dis)Pleasure: Patrick Geddes, Architecture, Evolution and the New Right

The American right’s current infatuation with the writings of Ayn Rand raises, once again, the Medusa’s head of Malthusian “social Darwinism.”  Rand’s writings themselves are an odd conflation of Emersonian self-determination and social-Darwinist “principles” (if they can be considered such), … Continue reading

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Buckminster Fuller, Mixed Metaphors and the Radiolarian

With the introduction of “Buckyballs” and “Fullerenes” into the scientific lexicon in 1985, Fuller’s conquest of the molecular milieu seemed complete, and his system of geodesic design gained the full weight of scientific legitimation.  This kind of migration, from the … Continue reading

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Ecological Obsolescence – Towards Total Disposability

…obsolescence as a process is wealth-producing, not wasteful.  It leads to constant renewal of the industrial establishment at higher and higher levels, and it provides a way of getting a maximum of good to a maximum of people…The waste occurs … Continue reading

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The Original Sputnik Shuffle – Reflections on the Apollo Spacesuit

I recently found the following clip on YouTube:   While this short video should be appreciated for both its humor and its strangeness, there is much more content behind it than appears at first perusal.  It seems to date from … Continue reading

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