Quick Note on Provocations

The following provocations are designed to generate discourse around contemporary issues of architectural design and its relationship to emerging, or existing technological paradigms.  Each provocation begins with an historical and/or theoretic excursus, followed by a series of questions raised by this initial analysis.  As will become readily apparent, many of the current provocations address issues architectural modeling and design from a systems-based approach originally developed in the science of cybernetics.  However, they do not conclude, necessarily, with cybernetic systems, and extend far beyond the current articulation of this frequently unnecessarily maligned science.  Categorized as a “nomadic science” by Deleuze and Guattari, this is in keeping with the generally eclectic nature of cybernetics, and the hope is that numerous people from diverse fields of enquiry will read and respond to these provocations with their own particular frame of reference and set of ideas.

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