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Provocation 3: The Human Servomechanism

For the last several months, I have been researching the field of cybernetics in preparation for a thesis that I will be preparing throughout the course of the next academic year.  At the current time, this research is admittedly broad, … Continue reading

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Potteries Thinkbelt – Education, Architecture and a Way Foward

Perhaps one of Cedric Price’s most important, and most overlooked designs is his Potteries Thinkbelt proposal for North Staffordshire, England.  Academic antipathy towards this particular project is probably largely premised on the fact that the design itself represents a significant … Continue reading

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An Entirely Parenthetical Discussion of Place, From No Place in Particular

A Critique of Marc Auge’s Analysis of Place and Non-Place The power of poetry is not that it has the ability to render the true beautiful, but rather that it can seemingly render the beautiful true, even when its object … Continue reading

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Provocation 2: Resurrecting the Form Follows Function Bugbear

Disillusionment with the modernist techno-utopian, deterministic paradigm of architectural design, embodied most famously in the dictum, “Form Follows Function,” came quickly on the heals of modernity’s most aberrant manifestations – the atomic bomb and the systematic genocide of Nazi Germany.  … Continue reading

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Provocation 1: Data and Design

… it appears from Trobriand magic that these people continually exhibit a habit of thinking that to act as if a thing were so will make it so.  In this sense, we may describe them as semi-Pavolovians who have decided … Continue reading

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Quick Note on Provocations

The following provocations are designed to generate discourse around contemporary issues of architectural design and its relationship to emerging, or existing technological paradigms.  Each provocation begins with an historical and/or theoretic excursus, followed by a series of questions raised by … Continue reading

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The Devil is in the Details – Buffalo Downtown

The relationship between architecture and photography has always been a complicated one.  Early modernists, like Walter Gropius and Erich Mendelsohn, quickly grasped the value of photography, and the mass dissemination of photographic reproductions through popular media, as a means for … Continue reading

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